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About Us

Bnet Technologies are on their way to a successful completion of one and a half decades of business in the field of Information Technology. We started in the last millennium and have continued since, with utmost dedication and the never-dying will to serve you better.

We started with and the journey so far has been memorable. Now, after getting basked with continued success, we have decided to expand our horizon.

Apparently, it was a difficult task to choose the way through which we would expand our reach. But as always, our readers i.e., you, made the job look ridiculously easy. We have received innumerable suggestions and requests, all headed to the same direction-every body wanted a website which would lead to the expansion of their knowledge base.

We, being overwhelmed with the requests, decided to launch this new website which will make your book-searching activity an extinct one.

Why books?
We do believe that books are anyone’s and everyone’s best companion. It is something which will never leave you. Rare qualities, isn’t it?

A child who gets in to a habit of reading has the most prized possession which will remain with him/her till his/her last breath. Parental role is crucial; they should drive the curiosity of the child’s mind into the pages of the books. We do also believe that by launching, we would help many children develop a habit of reading. If we even become successful in doing this to one, we would consider ourselves to be successful.

Another aspect, rather, custom, which is long obsolete, is giving away books as gifts. In this age of superficial gloss and glamour, few consider gifting books as a “royal” option. But to the one who has the taste to appreciate, nothing can be a better gift than a book.

Keeping this in mind, we have also kept the option which will help you to gift books to your near and dear ones. There is no need for you to hunt your chosen book down and then wrap it in a gift cover, before presenting it. You just select the book and the option of gifting it, with the name of the receiver. We will make sure that the rest happens smoothly.

The aspects that make us special is a branch (a separate website, though) of . is powered by Bnet Technologies. The people who were behind the success of Bangalinet will be involved with the Bnetbazaar also. We have a dedicated, efficient and most importantly, an experienced team looking after this new site.

We have tried to make your experience an enjoyable one while you visit our site. We have given special thrust on making you feel comfortable and at ease while you transact with us.

We always provide brand new and100% genuine products. All the books are genuine items which are being sold for the first time. No e-books, photocopies etc are used by us. None of the items remain stocked in our office.

We believe in what we do. Rather, we do what we believe in. We have always had the privilege of having all of you with us, in all our ventures thus far. This association has given us the courage to start We hope that all of you will continue to be with us and make this new venture of ours a successful one.

The site is undergoing development. More books are being uploaded every minute. Please feel free to place orders and write to us with your views.

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