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Partha Banerjee

Partha Banerjee, a Graduate in Electronics & Telecom Engineering and holding a Masters in Operations Research & Management, is holding a high office in one of the reputed Technology Business Groups in Muscat. Though, he was passionate about literature & writing from his childhood, his writing skills were limited within the boundaries of School & College magazines. However, he got due recognition for his literary acumen during his student life. He is known in his circle for writing on uncommon topics. Right from his childhood, Second World War and the Third Reich fascinated him. During one of his visits to Germany, he witnessed the history of the Third Reich and visited the infamous Auschwitz & Birkenau Concentration Camps. “Nitza” is the ultimate reflection of the influence the Third Reich and Nazi Germany had in his mind. The short Novel, “Nitza” is his first organized endeavor. It is not only in memory of the millions who were subjected to inhuman treatment and torture during the World War II, through this work of literature, he pays his tribute to all those who have been a victim of caste or class discrimination.

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