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২৫ টি ভয়ংকর বাঘ

Author : Buddhadeb Guha

Publisher:  Parul Prakashani

Language : Bengali

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Buddhadeb Guha born 29 June 1936 in Rangpur (East Bengal),Now Bangladesh is a Bengali fiction writer. He studied at Rangpur Zilla School, Carmichael College and the St Xavier’s College of the University of Calcutta. He spent his early years in various districts of East Bengal (now Bangladesh). Those days in Rangpur, Jaypurhat and Barisal are depicted in his Rivu series. Some of the Rivu books are dedicated to his early-age friends in Bangladesh. He is also the creator of Rijuda, an imaginary character who moves about in jungles with his sidekick Rudra. The jungles that he wrote about were mainly in Eastern India.





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