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আমার জীবন

 Author : Rashsundari Dasi

Publisher: Dey`s Publishing

Language : Bengali

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Rashsundari Devi was a Bengali woman who is identified as the author of first full-fledged autobiography in modern Bengali literature. She is among the earliest woman writers in Bengali literature.
Rashsundari Devi was born in West Bengal and the first Indian woman to write an autobiography and the first Bengali to write an autobiography. Aamar Jiban (My Life), her autobiography, was published in 1876.
Rashsundari Devi was born in 1800 in the village of Potajia, in Pabna district. Her father, Padmalochan Roy, died when Rashsundari was a small child. She never saw her father and was raised by her mother and relatives. Formal education was not given to girls of the time. She used to be around a boy’s school run by a missionary woman in her father’s house. By listening to the lessons going on at school Rasssundari learned the letters of the Bengali language.
At age 12 she married Sitanath Sarkar from Ramdia village, Rajbari, Faridpur.She was a religious Vaishnavite by faith. With limited formal schooling, she learned to read driven by Bhakti (devotion), out of her keen desire to read Valmiki Purana and Chaitanya Bhagavata.[citation needed]. She learned how to read and write in the flickering light of candles at night. She bore 12 children, of whom 7 died early. Her husband died in 1868.Her son Kishori Lal Sarkar became an advocate at Calcutta High Court and is the author of several noteworthy works.Rassundari died in 1890





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