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Asterix O Mudrar Korai / অ্যাসটেরিক্স ও মুদ্রার কড়াই


Author:   Rene  Gochini                                                                       Publisher: Ananda Publishers Pvt Ltd
Language : Bengali

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René Goscinny French: [ʁəne ɡɔsini], Polish: [ɡɔɕˈtɕinnɨ] 14 August 1926 – 5 November 1977 was a French comic editor and writer, who created the Astérix comic book series with illustrator Albert Uderzo. Raised largely in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he attended French schools, he lived for a time in the United States. There he met Belgian cartoonist Morris. After his return to France, they collaborated for more than 20 years on the comic series Lucky Luke in what was considered the series’ golden age.
He wrote Iznogoud with Jean Tabary. Goscinny also wrote a series of children’s books known as Le Petit Nicolas (Little Nicolas).





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