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গোপীনাথ কবিরাজ

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Gyanganj by Gopinath Kabiraj

Gyanganj is located “somewhere” in the Himalayas and its exact location is not known. As per the believers, only great saints can find it by passing through psychic barriers and dimensions. People believe that this mysterious land artfully camouflages itself, hiding from sight as well as mapping technologies. Some believe that Gyanganj exists in a different plane of reality and thus cannot be detected by satellites. Legend has it that Gyanganj is a city-kingdom inhabited by mysterious immortal beings that influence the world in subtle ways, whenever needed. Advocates of Gyanganj concept say that this celestial kingdom shapes the destiny of all. Gyanganj is not just an Indian legend but its roots can also be traced to Tibet. In Tibet this celestial kingdom is known as Shambala, a Sanskrit word which means “the source of happiness.” It is believed that this legendary land protects secret spiritual teachings of the world. Instructions to reach Gyanganj have been given in some old Buddhist texts; however, the directions are ambiguous. According to believers, only enlightened saints can find this land, obscured in mists of mighty Himalayan peaks. Believers say that Gyanganj defies death. Consciousness always remains alive in this enigmatic land as no death occurs there. Also known as Shambhala and Shangri-La





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