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Krittbasi Ramayan


কৃত্তিবাসী রামায়ণ
শ্রীবেনীমাধব শীল সম্পাদিত

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Kṛttivasi Rāmāyaṇ, also called Sri Ram Panchali, composed by the fifteenth-century Bengali poet Krittibas Ojha, from whom it takes its name, is a rendition of the Ramayaṇa into Bengali. Written in the traditional Rāmāyaṇa Pā̃cālī form of Middle Bengali literature, the Kṛttivasi Rāmāyaṇ is not just a rewording of the original Indian epic, but also a vivid reflection of the society and culture of Bengal across the period of its circulation, from the Middle Ages into the modern period. It was characterised by Dinesh Chandra Sen in 1911 as ‘by far the most popular book in Bengal’ and ‘the Bible of the people of the Gangetic Valley’.





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