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Nitza / নিৎসা


Written by Partha  Banerjee
Published by Bnet Publication

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  • Language : Bengali
  • ISBN : 978-81-938351-0-4
  • Page : 80
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Paperback



The Second World War was perhaps the most significant historical event of the millennia. It not only shook the entire world socially & politically but has also left indelible footprints along its way in the minds of every world citizen through generations. Races, nationalities and communities have been permanently affected to the extent that it led to the formation of a new World order.
Besides the Nuclear explosion wiping out Hiroshima & Nagasaki and creating biological impairment amongst the survivors of the fateful attack, it was the Holocaust which unsettled the demography of Europe. The clinically planned extermination and attempted ethnic cleansing of the Jews, Poles and the Sinti-Roma has created an impact which is perhaps far more deep rooted than the effects borne by the Nuclear explosion victims. The barbaric and the ruthless massacre of the Jews in Europe would remain as one of the worst traits of human atrocities as long as human civilization exists.
“ Nitza” is a sensitive love story; a fine blend of fiction, emotion and reality, set in the backdrop of Holocaust. It is a touching and unfinished love story of a German SS Officer, Helmut and his Jewish love, Nitza. Even the extreme hostile conditions and the unsurmountable adverse conditions of life failed to loosen the eternal bond of love between the two lovers in which the two were tied with right from their childhood days.
Helmut’s professional commitments compelled him to engage in committing atrocities against the Jews; but his conscience never approved of his acts. Even though, professionally committed to the genocidal policies of the Nazi regime which aimed at eliminating the Jews from the face of the Earth, he does not let his love for Nitza dilute even the slightest. The brutal killing of the innocent people by the Nazis plagues him with a sense of extreme guilt and helplessness. Though, he remains duty bond to the ideals of the Fuhrer, he is unable to distance himself from the love of his life – Nitza. When he discovers Nitza one night in the queue of the recently arrived prisoners in the Auschwitz Concentration camp, his professional identity faces a major conflict with his humane and compassionate self. His undying love for Nitza forces him to seek desperate ways to save her from the inevitable consequence awaiting the prisoners in the killing fields of Auschwitz, defying all odds and restrictions. Nitza’s indifference towards him and her symbolic refusal in accepting his apparently transformed personality causes more despair and unsettles Helmut. His human and compassionate entity refuses to continue with a life without his soul mate.
Does Helmut succeed in his selfless intentions? Does Nitza get freedom from her estranged life? What is the ultimate outcome of their deep and unflinching love? The suspense of the consequences of the events that unfold between the two main characters under the extreme environment, unveils right at the end of the story.
Shubhojit, an Indian citizen of the second decade of the 21st Century is a confused and bifurcated personality. He finds himself ethereally connected to the 2nd World War and the Third Reich right from his childhood. His emotional, turbulent odyssey of self-realization, brought about by an unfettered insight into the terrains of human inter-relationships, deeply exploring the feelings of love and guilt – gives a pitch perfect description of the suburbia during the 2nd World War. Shubhojit fails to understand his eagerness of visiting Auschwitz and witnessing the darkest side of modern human history. He is burdened by an inexplicable sense of guilt and inner pain. His relentless introspection is consequent to some strange visions and emotional upheaval which disturbs him endlessly. Does his visit to Auschwitz & Birkenau give him redemption from his sense of guilt and pain? How does he free himself from the growing sensation of burden which he seems to be carrying ever since and which aggravates on his stepping into the premises of the Auschwitz concentration camp?
Salvation is the deliverance from the penalty of sins – even if the sins are committed by compelling circumstances enforced by a sense of duty. Then, the final realization that comes through forgiveness and subsequent salvation, our sins, trespasses, iniquities, transgressions are erased and we finally become FREE! The book was conceived as a direct inspiration of the effects of Holocaust. It is also a token of humble respect to every human race and community who has been affected by any kind of inflicted atrocities. It is also an attempt to assert the fact that love and sacrifice prevails even during the worst of times. Though, it may be hard to find. Hence, generalization is not always the right way of defining a race or a community.
Even though some of the characters and the storyline are fictional, certain events and situations are real. Most of the names are derived from real life characters.

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