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Sera Nante Fante Samagra / সেরা নন্টে ফন্টে সমগ্র

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Author : Narayan Debnath

Publisher: Deep Prakashan

Language : Bengali

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Narayan Debnath (born 21 November 1925) is an Indian comics artist, writer and illustrator. He is the creator of the popular Bengali comic strips of Handa Bhonda (1962), Batul The Great (1965) and Nonte Phonte (1969). He holds the record of longest running comics by an individual artiste for Handa Bhonda comics series which have now completed its continuous 53 years of running. He is the first and only Comics-Artist in India who has received a D. Litt. degree.
His other creations like Rabi Chobi was published to celebrate the birth centenary of Rabindranath Tagore in the May, 1961 issue of the weekly magazine called Anandamela. The full length 50-page comics were first published in the book format by Sarvodaya Sahitya Prakashan, Varanasi. Rajar Raja (was published in 1962), it was illustrated by Narayan Debnath and written by Bimal Ghosh to celebrate the birth centenary of Swami Vivekananda. It was published every Monday for two years in the weekly Anandamela magazine. Eventually the 100-page comics was published in the form of a book in 1965 by Anandabajar Private Limited. Around this time, the popular artist Shibshankar was also producing the illustrated comics of Swami Vivekananda (Mar-Apr, 1961) in Shuktara, but in mid-1962 Shibshankar had to abandon the project and the responsibility was passed over to Debnath. Debnath then illustrated comics on Vivekananda simultaneously in both Shuktara and Anandamela. Later the 44-page Swami Vivekananda comics in Shuktara was renamed Chobite Vivekananda by Deb Sahitya Kutir (DSK) and published in 1964. The 33-page Chitre Durgeshnandini (Apr-May, 1962) was published in Nobokollol magazine by DSK.Handa Bhoda was first published in the Jun-July, 1962 issue of Shuktara. Nonte Phonte was first published in December, 1969 issue of the new children’s monthly magazine called Kishore Bharati produced by PATRABHARATI. Chhatrapati Shivaji was published in Anandamela (1964–65). Shootki ar Mootki was published in 1964 in Shuktara. Hirer Tiara was published in 1965 in Nobokollol magazine. Indrajit Ray o Black Diamond was published in 1970 in Kishore Bharati (Black Diamond Rahashya ebong Goenda Indrajit Ray, which is now published by Patra Bharati includes these nine amazing short graphic narratives – Rahashyamay Shei Barita, Black Diamond, Toofan-Mail er Yatri, Kachei Mohona, Shondher Mahuamilan, Station Mukutmanipur, Chandni Raate, Ei Kolkatay and Jibon-Dip). Rahashyamay Abhijatri was published in 1972 in Shuktara. Itihasher Dourath was published in 1974 in Kishore Bharati. Koushik Roy was published in Shuktara in 1976. Bahadur Beral was published in Shuktara in 1983. Daanpite Khadu Aar Tar Chemical Dadu was published in Chotoder Ashore magazine in 1983. Petukmaster Batuklal was published in 1984 in Kishore Mon magazine. Mahakasher Ajob Deshe was published in 1994 in Shuktara. And finally Jatoker Golpo was published in 1994 in Shuktara.





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