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Tapabhumi Narmada Uttartat / তপোভূমি নর্মদা উত্তরতট


Tapabhumi Narmada

Uttartat Akhanda Part 1-5,

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Tapabhumi Narmada

Uttartat Akhanda Part 1-5,

Sailendra Narayana Ghoshal Sastri (Bengali: শৈলেন্দ্রনারায়ন ঘোষাল) (5 March 1928 – 8 September 1988) was a Vedic scholar and director of The Vedic Research Institute.

Sailendra Narayana was born in Kaliara Village, Midnapur, West Bengal, India, to a devout family. His parents were Agnihotri Brahmin Sashibhushan Ghoshal and Prabhabati Devi. Sailendra Narayana was a meritorious student since childhood. He stood first in the matric exam. He got honors in Sanskrit. He used to take lessons of Vedic literature from his father.

After completing graduation, he went for Narmada Parikrama, the pilgrimage travel around the bank of river Narmada, in barefoot, where he met with many Sages and had some extraordinary experiences. In that austere journey, he discovered many mysterious facts about Hindu Philosophy and many rare manuscripts of Sanskrit books like Rudra Hridaya Upanishad or Agama literature. The entire journey is described in his famous travelogue Tapobhumi Narmada.







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