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Tenidar Kandokarkhana

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টেনিদার কাণ্ডকারখানা

Author : Narayan Gangopadhyay

Publisher : Kamini Prakashalay

Language : Bengali

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Bhajahari Mukhujjee (Bengali: ভজহরি মুখার্জী), commonly known as Tenida (Bengali: টেনিদা) or Teni (see Tenida for da), is a fictional native of Potoldanga in Calcutta, who appears in a number of short stories and larger works of the Bengali author Narayan Gangopadhyay. The leader of a group of four young lads who lived in the neighbourhood of Potoldanga, Tenida was depicted as the local big-mouthed airhead, who, although not blessed with academic capabilities, was admired and respected by the other three for his presence of mind, courage, and honesty as well as his vociferous appetite. Descriptions of Tenida’s nose also make frequent appearances in the text, being described as “a large nose resembling Mount Mainak”. The narrator of the stories is Pyalaram, who seemed to share his leader’s frailty in academic exertions. The other two characters who formed an integral part of the quartet were Habul Sen, who speaks with strong East Bengali accent (Dhakai) and Kyabla, the cleverest among the four.

The stories of Tenida are basically two types. (i) Tenida narrates fabricated stories of his so-called heroism. (ii) Tenida & Pyala or all the four are involved in hilarious adventures where the gang goes through interesting situations but solves the mystery at the end. The short stories were extensively based in Calcutta and its suburbs, but the Charmurti traveled to Hajaribag, Duars, Darjeeling where their pleasure trip turned into a series of mysterious incidents.





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